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Evista is an independent Hungarian communication agency. Since 2003 we have worked over various disciplines including product and brand identities, websites and e-commerce solutions, web and mobile applications. Our team has a strong design ability with 5 graphic designers.


Evista Development

Agile Method

At Evista our services cover the full range of digital development services, right from WordPress based websites to tailored mobile and web applications. Responsive front end, back end, implementing 3rd party solutions, basically all there is: PHP, HTML & CSS.

  • ajax
  • bootstrap
  • css3
  • html5
  • jquery
  • logo5
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  • nodejs
  • nosql
  • image
  • sinfony
  • sql
  • wp
  • yii
  • zrub
  • zurb


Evista About Us


We are Evista from Hungary, a digital agency focused on helping companies strengthen their brand and connect with their audience in the best possible way.
We started with a couple people and have grown year-over-year to become a known regional force when web development issues come to the table.

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    we are!

    Meet our team, find out why we’re a great team to outsource your projects and why you should hire us to work on your website or web development projects.We are as technical as design oriented, we care about the look of our projects just as much as the quality of our code.  We are a team that connects well and really thinks together, we keep daily in-house trainings to keep up with the newest technologies.